9 Technologies that create new experiences for your unique expo.

Last updated: 12 Jun 2024
9 Technologies that create new experiences for your unique expo.

In this digital era, technology is a tool for marketing and facilitation for exhibitors and visitors in the event. Especially for using technology with expo, booth, or advertising events because the more modern or more new and unique could make people see its own uniqueness and the difference from other brands and pay more interest on your brands.

Today, Smile Exhibit brings The 9 Technologies for your inspiration and guideline for designing and decorating your expo and to up-grading your expo to be more unique and could create a new experience for everyone.


1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Bringing an AI to your expo could attract visitors by the new technology for example, robots or intelligent tools or equipment for creating a good memorable experience for visitors. Moreover, AI could push up your expo abilities as well as marketing data, data analyst,  or analyzing visitors information for reaching your target and your goal. Collecting customer or visitors comment and opinion data is an important part that could help exhibitors analyze, develop and apply on the next exhibition.

2. Touch Technology

Touch Technology is a reachable technology nowaday, like smartphone, Tablet, smart watch, or even a touch technology display monitor that exhibitors could control product  information that they want to present to their clients. By this reason, creating a display sign by using touch technology, advertising products by using slice, video advertisement, video tutorial, or brand advertisement video having said that this is an important part of building interaction between your brand and client.

3. Virtual Walls

Bringing a virtual reality technology to create an expo event could make people interact with your activity via online platforms from everywhere around the world, and to deliver an Immersive Experience which is connecting the Virtual reality world with the Reality world together.

Likewise, expo online events or exhibition online events are very popular, even for the exhibitor or visitor. Because the Visual walls could make the event be more interesting and could affect the product's up-value and service growth, also building a positive effect to the product.

For example; we actually see exhibitors using Projector and LED displays for presenting and creating activities like games or displaying signs in the theme of your booth. If it has a well designed and unique booth, it would be very attractive.

On the other hand, for the Virtual Event or Virtual Exhibition, exhibitors must realize that using Virtual walls technology to produce a product's up-value is beneficial and making profit, including attracting the target group and could make it stand out. If you could make it, this technology would benefit exhibitors for sure and will provide happiness to all.

4. Augmented Reality (AR)

AR Technology (Augmented Reality Technology) is spotting on creating  a virtual experience by letting the user have an interaction with the Digital world through the vision, sound, and movement without touching could make people joining easier. 

Having said that we can apply this technology to many kinds of work for example, for product presentation advertisement by using computer graphic and present through the AR for letting the visitor experience a virtual reality object in the form of video, picture through the computer like Headset, Smart phone, or Tablet, to creating a novel experience to all visitors.

5. Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is the simulation of a realistic, 360-degree environment, which requires essential equipment which is the VR goggles. Through our sensory perceptions, including sight, sound, touch, and even smell, VR allows us to interact with the simulated environment. Nowadays, event attendees seek experiences that are unique and exciting. The use of virtual reality makes booths stand out and sparks conversations, as attendees become more engaged and knowledgeable about your products. Moreover, integrating VR technology into your booth design, for example, by designing interactive activities where people can interact, play, and communicate through software systems, allows them to touch and see simulated objects, providing them with an immersive and colorful experience unlike traditional exhibitions. Furthermore, incorporating VR technology into events demonstrates the potential of your business to attract attendees and engage them even further.

6. Digital Display

Event organizers nowadays increasingly provide services with digital display screens for product demonstrations. Examples include roadside advertisements and display screens at various exhibitions. By using digital display screens for booth setups, event organizers can customize them in real-time and change the appearance, color, and sound to create dynamic experiences. This helps to create engaging experiences and encourages attendee participation.

7. Motion-Controlled Technology

Motion-controlled technology offers precise and responsive solutions for the best exhibition experiences. By demonstrating products with motion-controlled interfaces, attendees can start or stop presentations with gestures. This creates exciting experiences and enhances attendee engagement.

8. Beacon Technology

Beacons are devices designed to transmit Bluetooth signals, often using Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology, at a frequency of 2.4 GHz to recipient devices automatically. When used in booth setups, beacon technology functions like brand ambassadors, effectively attracting attendees. You can send push notifications or promotions directly to their devices, enticing them to visit your exhibition. This helps establish relationships with both existing and potential customers.

Therefore, whether it's an event or an exhibition, organizers must create an atmosphere that allows attendees to relax and enjoy the activities. Many business owners are turning to new technologies to enhance their booth setups. For example, Interactive Wall technology, which utilizes smart projector screens with touch screens, allows attendees to interact, play, and simulate real-life scenarios instantly. This provides a unique experience for visitors and stimulates their imagination and creativity.

Welcome you to our world with professional creative and design work that is full of fun. With our vision, unique design, and style, we are ready to provide service and up-value for your organization from our hearts and care, with our more than 20 years of professional experience in the industry.
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