What types of services do you provide?
We provide services for designing, manufacturing, and installing exhibition booths, trade shows, retail stores, stage sets, and events.
What is the starting price?
Our starting price typically begins around 100,000 baht.
How many types of booths are there?

Generally, there are two types of booths:

standard rental booths (System) and custom-built booths on empty space. 
We specialize in custom-built booths on empty space.

Do you work on designing and decorating standard booths (System) that come with booth structures, tables, chairs, and lights?
Standard rental booths usually come with basic components suitable for general use. We do not have a decoration or design services for System booths.
How long does the manufacturing process take?
The production process typically takes 2-4 weeks before installation, depending on the size and complexity of the project.
Is there a designing fee?
The design fee depends on the scope of the project and the agreement between parties. Please contact us for more details.
What information do I need before starting the project with Smile Exhibit?
Basic information required includes the event name, date, venue, booth size, budget, scope, and desired format.
Can you provide staff/MC for the on-site activity within the booth?
We can provide staff/MC for on-site activities within the booth for you. Additional budgeting is required for this service.
How can clients contact Smile Exhibit?
You can reach us via
Tel: (+66) 099-790-3516 
E-mail : Smileexhibit@gmail.com
Do you offer booth or equipment rental services?
We do not offer booth rental services. We specialize in custom production for specific projects. But some furniture or lights can be rented.
Do you have a transportation service for large items or pieces?
We only handle transportation for items produced by us. We do not transport other large items due to planning considerations for both origin and destination.
Can booths be stored and reused for future events?
Booths can be stored and reused for future events with proper design and storage. Minor repairs and repaints can be done within a reasonable budget.
Do you provide services outside of Bangkok and its vicinity?
Yes, we do. We provide services nationwide throughout Thailand.
Do you install or decorate retail stores within shopping malls?
We do, we provide services for temporary booths, kiosks, and permanent retail stores within shopping malls.
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